Creating a coffee oasis in the Owens Valley ICRC has officially opened a pop-up coffee hot spot inside the Owens Valley Grower Cooperative  - fresh roasted hot coffee, Ice Coffee, Pour Over, Cafe Au Lait, Tulsi Teas, Oregon Chai and more!  Featuring specialty baked goods, and a short menu of morning offerings w/local produce...while it lasts.  *Gluten Free options

Indy coffee Roasting Company

149 S. Edwards/ Highway 395/ El Camino Sierra  -  Independence, CA

6:30am - 11:00am    

Wednesday  -  Sunday    

Coffee with a Destination

Supporting Farm Gate producers, Indy Coffee Roasting Company brings European Style coffee roasting to the Eastern Sierra town of Independence, California.  Roasted and processed in the Owens Valley, ICRC favors small batch roasting delivering a smooth, full bodied micro-crafted coffee from roast to cup whether using a French press or filter drip.  Experience uniquely selected seasonal roasts specifically named after some of our favorite Eastern Sierra destinations within Inyo County.

2017 Seasonal Roasts

Coming Soon: El Camino Sierra Roast

Fossil Falls Espresso -  Smooth Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Medium-Dark Roast

Saline Valley Roast - Concord Grape rolls into Roasted Nut, Carmel  Full Body Roast- Limited

Saline Valley Roast Decaf  - Medium Dark, Cacoa bits, Carmel, Almond Notes -Limited

*Mazuorka Canyon Roast - Dark & Delicious  Sold out

*Big Pine Creek Roast  Sold out

2016 Seasonal Roasts

*Mazuorka Canyon Roast - Dark & Delicious  Sold out

*Big Pine Creek Roast  Sold out

*PCT ROAST  - Medium Roast Single Origin Tanzinian Blend  Sold out

2015 Seasonal Roasts

*Mt. Williamson Base Camp  (Espresso - Dark - Cocoa, Carmel)  Sold out

*Kearsarge Pass (Dark Single Origin - Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Raisin)  SOLD OUT

*Owens Valley Tribute (Nutty, Malty, smooth, Dark Roast ) SOLD OUT and 8.oz Bags  On sale now at

the Owens Valley Growers Cooperative, Independence, CA

Blue Lupine, Bishop, CA

Indy Coffee Roasting Company is exclusivley sold throughout Inyo County.

Contact: (760)878-8278